Kevin Storm: "Vilja & Drom" (Playthrough)

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! Using his LTD Ben Weinman Signature Series BW-1 EverTune guitar, ESP All Access member Kevin Storm does a great job on this playthrough of "Vilja & Drom" by Swedish black metal band Shining. Kevin is a pro session guitarist from Netherlands who has a great collection of our guitars in addition to his recently-acquired BW-1 including an ESP Eclipse, an ESP V-II, an LTD EC-1000, an LTD MH-1000 EverTune, an LTD TL-6, and an LTD AJ-7. Like many creative people, Kevin is a multi-talented guy who does illustration and graphic design; check out some of his stuff at his web site.

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Kevin Storm

Thanks man. 
I was rehearsing for upcoming shows and decided to film this one. 
love the song and moreover, love the guitar. It’s amazingly diverse. 

Frederick B.

Freakin awesome playthrough!  The new BW-1 sounds great.  Horns up! \m/