LTD M-HT Black Metal Demo by Jack Fliegler

Part of our "New for 2020" collection, the LTD M-HT Black Metal is a new addition to our popular Black Metal Series that debuted in 2018. This guitar is a hardtail version of the Black Metal M Series guitar, and is being made available in this standard scale 6-string version and a monstrous 7-string baritone version as well. Both models are neck-thru-body designs that features a Hipshot bridge with string-thru body setup for sweet sustain and stability. They feature the special single direct-mounted Seymour Duncan Blackened Black Winter passive pickup for brutal tones and excellent dynamics. A push-pull control allows the pickup to be coil split. Jack Fliegler of Arizona-based technical metal band Singularity demos the M-HT Black Metal in this video. More info on all "New for 2020" models here.

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Kenny (Kenpachi Zuraki)

This is exciting with all the new stuff coming out. New models , colors pretty cool stuff. Now please initiate phase ll.   

Nathan M.

Great playing as always


Are these Korean or Indonesian made?

Kenny (Kenpachi Zuraki)

Ultra thin neck , 1 volume , 1 pickup ...... $799-$899 area I bet. Only option with that neck besides counter part with Floyd.This is what I’ve been waiting for from ESP. I’ll take 2 please.

Kenny (Kenpachi Zuraki)

When will this be released ?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Kenny, these are released now.

Kenny (Kenpachi Zuraki)

Can’t wait

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