ESP player Luís Kalil has just released a video for his new song "Breathless", the first single from a new EP that he's releasing early in 2020. Quickly becoming recognized as one of the innovative leaders of the shred guitar realm, Luís was just 13 years old when ESP made him our youngest official artist endorsee in our history... and you can probably see why. Still in his teens, Luís has the playing speed and melodicism that most people never achieve in a lifetime. In this video, Luís is playing the LTD Deluxe MH-1007, a model we released for 2019 that features set-thru construction and a Black Fade finish over a quilted maple top, along with a Floyd Rose 1000SE bridge, Grover tuners, and a set of EMG 85-7H (neck) and 81-7H (bridge) pickups. You can keep up with Luís and get his music and tour info at his web site.

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