Dave Sevenstrings: "Mega Man X Storm Eagle" (Cover)

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! While all members of the ESP All Access community are unique, some are a little more unique than others. Case in point: Dave Sevenstrings is a guy who obviously is deep into the world of both retro video gaming and metal, and we've enjoyed a couple of his videos where he's playing his E-II Horizon FR-7 and doing interpretations of Nintendo game songs while wearing an actual Mega Man helmet. In addition to his E-II, Dave also has an LTD KH-602, M-1000, and M-207. When Dave isn't using his ESP guitars for classic video game covers, he's playing in his death metal Band Solus Ex Infernis, and you can check them out on their Facebook page

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Haha, ride on Dave

Dave Sevenstrings

Thanks for featuring me again! ESP guitars for life!