ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! The types of videos we get from members of the All Access community run the gamut from people shredding in bedrooms to internationally respected pro musicians, and everyone in between. Today, we have two members of Phoenix, AZ-based metal band A Dark Halo -- Abe Robertson and Dave Lowmiller -- playing through the solo section of their song "Starfall". Dave is handling some tight rhythms on his E-II Horizon NT-7 EverTune (and also handles bass duties with his LTD Deluxe H-1004SE), while Abe does an incredibly melodic solo on his LTD Deluxe MH-1007 Black Fade, one of the most killer new models we introduced for 2019. "Starfall" is a single released earlier this year, and by the sound of it, these guys are well worth checking out. Keep up with A Dark Halo on their Facebook page.

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