Harry Gandler: "Dyers Eve" Solo

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! Meet ESP All Access member Harry Gandler of Vienna, Austria. Like most of us guitar players, he is overly critical of his own playing, saying that he doesn't nail this Kirk Hammett solo from Metallica's "Dyers Eve" 100%, but we feel he did a great job on this classic from ...And Justice for All, which came out almost exactly 30 years ago. Harry is a big ESP supporter, and his collection includes an LTD MH-417, an LTD ZH-7, an LTD MHB-400, an LTD F-500, an LTD M-17, and the LTD Kirk Hammett Signature Series KH-602 that he's playing here. His tones and technique tell us that he has a very good grasp of the KH style, and we're happy to feature him as this week's All Access spotlight. You can check out more of Harry at his Facebook page

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Harry Gandler

HUGE THX!! I feel very honoured!! Cheers! \m/