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LTD MH417, LTD ZH-7, LTD BUZ - 7, LTD M-17, LTD MHB-400, LTD KH-602, LTD F-500, and EII Horizon NT-7
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
ESP Guitars, EMG Pickups, and Kemper Amps
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Dino Cazares, Kirk Hammett, and Jeff loomis
About me:

7-string shredder Harry Gandler is the guitarist in MASTIC SCUM.

"I've played ESP/LTD guitars since almost 15 years and call about 7 models my own. I tried and used a lot of guitars in my life but ESP Guitars was and will always be my first choice. The perfect match in sound and design!"

MASTIC SCUM belongs definitely to the most famous and emerging metal-acts from Austria! Since middle of the 90s the band is raging in the international metal scene and works on brute and technical high-quality-death-anthems. Till now the band has been on stage across Europe as well as the Balkans and United States. MASTIC SCUM released 5 studio albums, 1 DVD and several split-releases on Vinyl and Tape. The band was nominated for the Austrian Music Award in 2010, category Hard N’ Heavy and signed a record deal with the German Label Massacre Records.

Harry Gandler is also officially endorsed by EMG pickups, AMT Electronics and Steinberg Media.

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Harry Gandler

LTD M-17 vs. MH-417

Harry Gandler

Happy Birthday "... And Justice for All"!!!!! Cover of "Dyers Eve" on 7 String LTD MH-417. 
Youtube video:


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Thanks for the add. Hail from the land of ICE 


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Ur welcome! Hails from Vienna!

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Ur welcome! Cheers!

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