E-II/LTD GB Bass Series Demo by Menno Verbaten

Available in LTD and ESP E-II versions, the new GB Series basses are unlike any we've made before -- or any other bass for that matter. They combine a completely retro-cool design with a terrific set of components and electronics that allow you to truly stand out from the crowd. They are powered by passive Seymour Duncan SSB-4 pickups with Duncan’s STC-3M3 active EQ. You’ll not only be able to sculpt your tone with stacked treble/bass controls and a dedicated midrange control; you also get a push-pull feature on the volume knob that engages the GB bass’s slap switch, a special EQ contour voiced specifically for slap bass. Here's shred bass guru and Musicians Institute instructor Menno Verbaten playing a few different styles on this versatile bass! More info on GB Series basses...

LTD GB Series

E-II GB Series

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It sounds great. I can easily hear of these Seymour Duncan pick ups tone. Great looking also.