Harry and George from Beau Monde Guitars, an ESP dealer in New Jersey, talk about Harry's collection -- some might say obsession -- of limited-edition Kirk Hammett Signature Series Ouija™ guitars (among his many other Metallica guitar models). Harry relates some of the many stories that surround the creation and various release versions this legendary and coveted ESP instrument.

OUIJA® is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission.

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Ricky SteelEdge here!!!

Very nice video! I’m the proud owner of the Neckthru Ouija with the reverse inlays (yes, the one that you mentioned that came from Slayer’s tech). This was the only one ever made just as Kirk’s, with reverse inlays, 2 stars at 12th and 24th frets, “original” knob placement, etc.


BTW, my web is www.steeledge.es, (you can find my ESP Guitars here : http://steeledge.es/esp/ ) also you can find me in Facebook as SteelEdge Guitars.





Big Daddy B

I watched the video last week and saw you got a shoutout

Henry H.

Hello Harry,

Nice collection! I look forward to videos of your other guitars.

I have a bolt on Ouija with moon/stars inlay I bought new from Mars Music in February 1999 and was told by Mars at the time that ESP had ceased production due to Parker Bros.

I have always wondered just how many of these were made and I have asked ESP, but they could not provide me with info on production numbers.

I would really appreciate any information you could help me out with.



David G.

Beautiful pieces!!!!!