1983 Jackson RR1T, 1988 Tom Anderson Guitarworks Pro Am (formerly owned by Kirk Hammett of Metallica), 1991 Fender '62 Reissue Stratocaster, 2004 Jackson Relic Rhoads (NAMM Prototype), 2005 Teuffel Birdfish #169, 2007 ESP KH20-26, 2009 ESP KH-2 Ouija OB44, 2009 ESP Wavecaster, 2010 Gibson Custom Les Paul Custom, 2011 ESP KH-2 SE, 2011 Gibson Custom LP '60 Reissue VOS, 2012 ESP KH-DC STBC, 2013 ESP KH-2 Vintage, 2015 Fender Custom Shop 1964 Stratocaster Relic, 2015 Gibson Custom Benchmark '59 Flying V, 2016 ESP KH-3, 2017 ESP KH Demonology, 2017 ESP KH Ouija Natural ONAT05, 2017 ESP KH White Zombie, 2017 ESP KH-2 PSP, 2017 ESP KH-2 THRUMPG, and 2017 Godin MultiAc Steel Duet Ambiance Limited Edition
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Mesa Road King II 2x12 combo, Digitech Whammy (5th Gen), Ernie Ball VP JR 25K, TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini, Dunlop KH95 (signed edition), KHDK Electronics Ghoul Screamer Limited Edition, Line 6 FM4, Line 6 DM4, TC Electronic Corona Chorus+ Tri-Chorus & TonePrint (Limited Edition), Line 6 MM4, Line 6 DL4, TC Electronic Ditto Looper Gold #0852 (Limited Edition), Kemper Profiler PowerHead + Remote, MIssion Engineering KM-212P, Mission Engineering EP-1KP, BOSS Katana Head, BOSS Katana Cabinet, BOSS GA-FC, BOSS EV-30, Line 6 G50 Relay, G-Lab Warren Haynes Wowee Wah WH-1, TC Electronic PolyTune 2, TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler, TC Electronic Rottweiler Metal Distortion, TC Electronic Corona Chorus, TC Electronic FlashBack Delay and Looper, and Mooer GE-200
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Kirk Hamster
About me:

Play guitar, love ESP

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Big Daddy B replied to the forum post New Kirk Hammett gold V sig???

It is a beauty. Thats the first thing my wife said she i showed her the pic...I can now infer she would love me to buy one!......MORE »
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Big Daddy B replied to the forum post New Kirk Hammett gold V sig???

If I was a betting man (which I am) this may finally replace the rhoads.......MORE »
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Big Daddy B replied to the forum post New Kirk Hammett gold V sig???

Looks great. Will need second job soon.......MORE »
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Ladies and Gentlemen, I've just ordered the 2 new LTD Sparkle Ouija's ... and you know me, I'm not a LTD guitars fan, but I'm doing this to help you guys with this famous pickups problem ... I'm already working on something......MORE »
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