1989 ESP MX-220 (EET FUK), 1991 ESP MX-250 (Black), and 2016 Ken Lawrence Explorer (Snake Skeleton)
Guitar, Fantasy Football, Madden, and Web Development
The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Sons of Anarchy, and Game of Thrones
Halloween, Star Wars, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and The Stöned Age
Metallica, In Flames, Children of Bodom, and Alice In Chains
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier (Black Diamond Plate w/ Chrome Chassis), Mesa Boogie 4x12 Recto Traditional Slant Cabinet, Mesa Boogie 2x12 Recto Horizontal Cabinet, Fractal Audio FX8 (Mark II), Fractal Audio EV-1, and Shure Super 55 (Pitch Black)
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
James Hetfield, Jesper Stromblad, Zakk Wylde, and Dimebag Darrell
About me:

Playing guitar, collecting guitars, & attaining the unattainable. Been playing ESP's since 1997.

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