LTD BB-1005 Bass Demo

We sure get a lot of cool performances from our friends at CMI, ESP's distributor in Australia. Maybe they take the term "Down Under" literally, because bassist Stephen Lane gets low and funky while demonstrating the Bunny Brunel LTD Signature Series BB-1005 bass. This video is short and sweet, and Stephen sounds great on this bass that includes neck-thru-body construction at 34" scale, an amazing quilted maple top, Hipshot tuners with an extender to drop the lowest string down a full step, and high-quality Aguilar pickups. If you're not a fan of Burnt Orange (though we can't imagine why not... it's awesome), this 5-string bass is also available in Black Aqua finish.

What do you think of the BB-1005? Let us know in the comments below.

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John J.

What is the string spacing at the bridge?