Restringing with a Floyd Rose

For years, guitarists have asked our advice on the proper way to restring a guitar equipped with a Floyd Rose locking tremolo. In this detailed Tech Corner video, ESP's vice-president of product development and chief tech Todd Binder shows you in extreme detail how to go about changing strings on a Floyd-equipped guitar the right way. NOTE: We will be featuring more videos about the complete setup of a Floyd-equipped guitar in upcoming videos.

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To save money don't cut off the ball end. Place them threw the tuners to the Floyd, cut them 1 - 1 1/2 inch past the floyd. Because 99.9 percent of the time they will break at the angle of the Floyd. When one breaks just unwind some more slack and retighten.


Great job ty so much.


For changing string gauges or tunings:

1)Make a TRIANGLE shaped wood. 

2)Loosen the springs until the bridge tilt forward

3) Jam the triangle wood between the sustain back and the body to make the bridge parallel again.

4) tune, intonate 

5) remove the triangle wood, and tighten the springs until the guitar is back in tune.

6) Lock the nut, ROCK ON!


Fastest  and the most efficient way to setup Floyd. My 1st electric guitar is a Floyd, figured this out even before I get into the shop. Never look back ever since. Can be applied for floating wilkinson aswell.

By the way, for changing tuning from drop to standard, get yourself an ESP ARMING ADJUSTER and solder the nut of the system, rock solid tuning , perfectly goes back in tune the moment you let go the trem. It is like having floating-fixed bridge hybrid. Exellent product of ESP


i use an eraser those pink eraser do its soft then do 1 string at a time then the rest depends what kind of tuners I'm using Prs phase III locking tuners are the easiest or spretzel locking tuners like on the higher end ESP models I.e. ESP kh-20 the blk n white 2009 limited run of ouijas some James hetfield trucksters n vulture ESP guitars n all the way down to kirks first custom ESP MII the kh-2 

its best to have a working station n be careful as u can make some pen hole dings on the body if ur rushing if ur trying to do everything then stretch the strings n ull still need to play it a bit before locking the nut it should take 90 min on a kh-2 less with spretzel tuners or Prs phase III locking tuners



heres my workshop setup I do them often N very carefully as I have 30 ESP guitars many custom a few standard series n 20 Kirk Hammett guitars . ESP only and the james hetfield esps jh-1 hot rod  jh-3 eclipse 2 trucksters ESP only blk camo emg 81/60 and the hetfield pickups plus the grey truckster ESP and the vulture jh new gtr Flying V blks finish. 

I don't think any hetfields have Floyd 

but the custom horizons do I have 2 and the ESP custom eclipses do. In Snow White and stblk quilt. 

Rob D.

Ok, best way for me

Tune guitar, unlock headstock, tune guitar.

6th string E, slowly unwind then take off, put on new one.

Tune only the replaced string until it is in tune, then retune whole guitar to make sure it is all in tune..

Once in tune overwind that string up a few notes and then leave it for 10 mins so it stretches in, give it a pull

and stretch then retune that string, then the whole guitar.

Rinse, Repeat.

I like to use a soft toothbrush to clean any dust etc on either side of the fret as I do each string.

Anytime I undo all strings the guitar is a nightmare to get back in tune, a nightmare...


Brian J.

Good tips. The one thing I never thought about was using a wood block to keep the tremolo level while changing the strings. That's a great idea. 

Henty H.

You can use a 9 volt battery. Same size 


You can also use one of those pink large erasers too. I found the risk of scratching the finish considerably less than wood or a battery. 

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