esp kirk hammett and esp kirk hammett
golf while listening to tallica old school, kirk hammett everything learning new things every day i, and binge watching great tv shows
sports, 24 prison break breaking bad banshee the sopranos, dexter, and the sopranos
the shawshank redemption, the count of monte cristo, DiCaprio´s Revenge, pulp fiction, a few good men, crossroads, and gladiator
metallica, been to over 100 metallica shows worldwide from mid 90s to date, dehan, writing my own and playing, iron maiden, apocolyptica, the offspring, vinnie moore, sabbath, ozzy, stev vai, jeff beck, slowhands, and yngwie j malmsteen
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
randall rm100kh, 4x12 kirk hammett, 68 fender twin reverb, blackstar combo amp with pedal 4 mods and many effects, line 6 stomp box, dunlop kh-95 kirk hammett wah, randall kh-15, orange 15w practice amp, line 6 g50 relay, line 6 g30 relay wireless for guitar bass and mic, boss chromatic tuner, tiny orange travel amp with built in tuner, line 6 into garage band mac software pro, over 71 top guitars msrp over 2k to get into this collection, esp prs fender gibson custom fender custom prs custom esp kirk hammett james hetfield prs custom and private stocks prs collection series, kirk hammett esp collection james hetfield rare esp models kirk hammett custimized jackson rhohdes rr1 like kirks and les pauls gibson emgs like paus, all kirk hammett rare and custom and ss models and a select rare and esp custom shop james hetfield guitars half my collection is PRS, and 40 percent is esp top guitars and then custom fenders jacksons and gibsons
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
kirk the rippa hammett on the lead guitar
About me:


Jan 2016.

i play guitar now going on 18 years ive collected guitars and have a very extensive collection of esp SS,SS, custom esp kirk hammett and prs private stock,fender , fender custom shop, gibson lpc, gibsob lp, and jackson custom all things hammett and hetfield.I like writing music putting my own touch playing with old school metallica sabbath ozzy and iron maiden and the big 4. I like good tv shows id list some but tv changed and movies in our new digital world. I like playing and watching sports and working , i have a beautiful wife and 3 wonderful kids.

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