As we're sure you noticed in this video, the LTD TL-6 is a beautiful instrument that's part of our Thinline Series of chambered guitars, delivering excellent acoustic tone while offering the smooth, fast feel of an electric. The Thinline Series includes the TL-6 (available in both Natural and Black finishes),  the TL-6SM (in Spalted Maple), the TL-6Z (in Zebrawood), the TL-12 12-string (in Natural and Black finishes), the TL-6N nylon string in Natural and Black, and even a bass with the TL-4Z.

Oh hey, and look: there also seems to be a Playboy Playmate in this video! Who knew? Her name is Nikki Leigh, and you can buy her calendar that was being photographed in this video on her web site. In case you're wondering, Nikki is indeed a guitar student, so... legit reason for posting this video accomplished.

Have you tried a TL Series guitar? Did you like it? Did you even see the guitar in this video? Are you reading these words or just ogling Nikki? Let us know in the comments below.

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