2016 ESP Exhibition Limited

Each year, the master luthiers of the ESP Custom Shop in Tokyo, Japan, are given free reign to let their creativity flow. The result is the ESP Exhibition Limited Series, a collection of completely unique guitars and basses. Only one of each model is made, competely handcrafted to the highest level of quality and detail, using the world's finest tonewoods and components. Contact your ESP dealer for information on owning one of these instruments that are equal part high-performance music machines and fine works of collectible art.

Colin Groove


Victor P.

WOW, Awesome. 

Jimbo H.

Man thats such incredible craftsmanship.ESP only the best..


ESP hands down builds the best most beautiful guitars & basses. Simply amazing what they can do.

Rob Marshall

Makes me want a custom shop that much more.

Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

I know. They are awesome

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