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LTD-2 Signature and LTD-2 Signature
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I am a multi instrument musician (self taught ) I have been playing Drums since 1978, First performance in front of a audience 1000+ at the age of 12. I had a very physically demanding occupation as a Welder /Fabricator,  I broke my back a couple times,  and I have over two dozen reconstructive spinal fusions.  I went back to school and am a Certified Medical professional.  Although I was told I willl  Not be able to work again. I havel always wanted  to perform, and learn other instruments,  I learned to play guitar the same way I learned pretty much everything, I did  it by doing it, and doing it everyday. I  still do. I have had so many guitars over the years,  I am not sure how many,  it is close to 30. I have also taught friends who were interested in learning to jam on the guitar the basics of the methods,  letting them utilize their own vibe, I am proud of them. I have a blast looking for Gear for them to begin,  often buying it myself. I have always wanted a  ESP guitar.  And you can Thank Kirk Von Hammett for that . BTW.. I also play Alto Saxophone. And I support every genre of music. I just feel very comfortable with Heavy Metal,  and Rock. I have been in many different bands in the 80's -90's. - Rock,Metal, Blues and Even Jazz. I grew up in the foster home environment with my brother, and I play music everyday. I have the  -

ESP- LTD - KH-2 Signature 

I love that guitar,  I always  name my guitars and Kits with a appropriate female name, and my ESP - Her name is  Lola.  

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 One of each please. Mumble mumble.  ......MORE »
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I agree that these guitarist are exceptional ,  but I am a little more than wondering how Fabio Carraffa was not included .  blown away he was not even mentioned . I would have to say with all due respect for these guys .......MORE »
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