Italy, Get Ready to Rock with "ESP Guitars Live"

Our friends at ESP's Italian distributor Backline have put together an amazing series of events that features four extraordinary guitarists who will blow your mind, and expand the definition of what you previously thought was possible on an electric guitar. Being held in Milan and Rome starting tomorrow, Backline's "ESP Guitars LIVE" events will be something you don't want to miss.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 12: Gianluca Ferro at Gino Guitars (Milan)

Gianluca is one of Italy's hottest guitar talents. This progressive shredder will blow your mind at Gino Guitars, where he'll be doing a clinic and performance. His new album A Hole In The Ocean was released in October.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 19: Fabio Cerrone at Gino Guitars (Milan)

Fabio is an incredible player whose styles run the gamut from heavy fusion to progressive metal, and everything in between. Visit Gino Guitars in Milan on Saturday November 19 to see his guitar wizardry happen before your very eyes!

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 19: Gianluca Ferro and Isao Fujita at Your Music (Rome)

What's better than one amazing ESP player? How about two of them! Gianluca Ferro will be joined by one of Japan's hottest guitar talents, Isao Fujita. This event will be at Your Music in Rome.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 26: Fabio Cerrone and Francesco Fareri at Your Music (Rome)

Whoever is lucky enough to attend this clinic/performance in Rome will be in for an epic event featuring two of Italy's most innovative and powerful guitar players. Joining Fabio Cerrone at Your Music is Francesco Fareri, who uses 7- and 8-string ESPs for his truly progressive shredding style.

You may not ever have another chance to see this level of virtuoso guitar performances right in front of you. As our Italian friends say, "Non mancate!!!", which means, "Do not miss this!". Trust us, you'll regret it if you do. 

  • Tömmy  Thümper

    I agree that these guitarist are exceptional ,  but I am a little more than wondering how Fabio Carraffa was not included .  blown away he was not even mentioned . I would have to say with all due respect for these guys . Fabio Carraffa is the best guitarist in Italy. straight up .  Check out for yourself .  also I hope ESP keeps the ball rolling with out of the country showcases. Japan would be great .  ... Thanks . .