LTD Kamikaze IV, LTD H3-1000, Spector ARC 6, Kramer Spector NS6, and Takemine GJ72CE-12-BSB 12 String
Guitars, Comic books, Hockey, Star Trek, and History
Star Trek, The Walking Dead, and Big Bang Theory
Rock, Hard Rock, and 80's Metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Marshall CODE 100 and Marshall CODE 25
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
George Lynch, Elliot Easton, and Phil Collen
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If you made the LTD H-3 1000 in a black cherry flame maple with a Floyd Rose, I’d scarf it up! Oh, and a set of Seymour Duncan Parallel Axis pickups would be the icing on the cake!......MORE »
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Thanks! I like how they’re designed and wanted to get more for my other guitars. ......MORE »
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Hi Shawn, according to the specs those came with Schaller Strap Locks.......MORE »
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Shawn S. posted a comment on the product GL-200MT

Todd, while I’ve got you, do you know what strap locks were used on the Burnt Tiger? ......MORE »