Dio vs Ozzy

Clinton R.

Really depends on mood

Pierre R.

Dio as a singer,but I like solo Ozzy (up to and including N.r.f.t.w) better.

Bill Trepkowski

I listen to Ozzy's music a lot more often than Dio's, but when I listen to the albums they did just with Sabbath, Ozzy's stuff sounds so primitive by comparison. The Dio material sounds a lot fresher and just more musical. Case in point: Listen to the plodding bass on "War Pigs," then listen to Geezer really PLAY on a song like "Walk Away."

Zachary W.

Dio for sure. 

Rod Ruvalcaba

Dio had this particular amazing voice range and he was such a nice man, but Ozzy is more fun. I vote Ozzy.

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