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I listen to Ozzy's music a lot more often than Dio's, but when I listen to the albums they did just with Sabbath, Ozzy's stuff sounds so primitive by comparison. The Dio material sounds a lot fresher and just more musical.......MORE »
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Pierre R. replied to the forum post Does the MH-401NT have a neck like the JH-600?

The neck is like your mh1001nt.¬†......MORE »
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Danijel glad you like it. Is yours a made in Indonesia or Korea? Im playing mine through a boogie 2c+ and a 6505+ and the guitar sounds great. Similar to my m.i.j Jackson soloist but not quite as snappy likely due to the......MORE »
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Thanks for replying, honestly I thought the forum was a ghost town after a week without a single reply. Well not long after I posted the thread, I ordered the guitar. It came about a week ago and I'm really satisfied with it.......MORE »
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Pierre R. posted a comment on the poll mesa mark v 25 or mini rec for metal,metallica slayer pantera

Mark 2c+,JP2c,3,4,5 anytime ¬†anyday over a rectifier. Owned a few marks and rectos and to my ears Marks are way tighter and are more responsive amps.......MORE »