top row - LTD viper 1000, LTD viper 256 p

second row - ESP 400 series st, ESP vintage pluse se

third row - LTD horizon, LTD AW7, ESP horizon, vintage plus te

fourth row - LTD MIII, LTD VINTAGE 204. ESP horizon, ESP the Mirage, ESP custom st, ESP custom te, ESP archtop eclipse, ESP eclipse, LTD ec256, ESP 400 series te, LTD EC

fith row - LTD Horizon, LTD the mirage, ESP B1, ESP xj 6, ESP, xj12, ESP xj6, ESP j Four, ESP horizon v, LTD EC BASS, LTD EC

bottom row - LTD MII deluxe, LTD MII


also in collection at the time but not in the shot - LTD EC 200, LTD kh 502, LTD TE 202, LTD Ec JR, LTD Viper Jr, LTD ec 256 burst, LTD horizon

         Seymour Duncan st, Navigator SA, Navigator LP 







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george p.

excellent collection!