Just ordered my EC-1000S Fluence from sweetwater but they are saying it's going to be delayed even longer. Got it almost 2 weeks ago and now they are saying another week or two. Not sure what's going on but I can't wait for it! Very excited about these fishman pickups.

Benjamin Leveque

They are popular

Tony C.

ESP LTD are totally awesome I own a LTD B-205 SM have owned for a year and use it daily.  I am very happy with the bass looking at buying a least 2 or 3 more basses from ESP LTD.


Well done.  I wish I could play like that.

Aaron M. One of my Ec1000s in action playing one of my instrumental songs



You are super good man! Sounded great.

Aaron M.

Thanks heaps mate!!

Eric V.

Just got an ESP LTD B-204SM. Just wow! For a sub-$1000 bass, I was amazed. Fit and finish, materials used, electronics and hardware are all excellent. This will be my main gig bass from now on.