Kamikaze 4 7-string Custom, '67 Flying V 7-string Custom, Ibanez "Silver Dot" Universe, and (unofficial) Kamikaze 5 7-string Custom
Just about anything with few exceptions...
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Line 6 Vetta HD, Ibanez strait 412 cab, EMG pickups, Ernie Ball strings, Digitech Whammy DT, and TC Electronics MIMIQ
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Trey Azagthoth, Buckethead, Dino Cazares, Keith Merrow, and Scott Hull
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Avid ESP guitars, GM Performance, EMG Pickups & Samuel Adams aficionado.

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Josh in NY

Josh in NY liked the forum post Re: sparkle green stephen carpenter

If the sparkle is anything like the silver sparkle they made for the Eclipse for a few years, the pictures do it no justice. The sparkle is quite striking in person.......MORE »
Josh in NY

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Josh in NY

Josh in NY replied to the forum post sparkle green stephen carpenter

that might not happen... the green your thinking of was on his original B-bodied guitars and that color hasn't been available for a while on those models... the only way to get one in that color is to try and find one of the......MORE »
Josh in NY

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Cool, thanks for the info!!......MORE »