• Deni

    What's your prefered sting brand, type, gauge/tuning setup?

    In the ocean of strings, what do you prefer on what guitar and why?

    I play on DR strings. All of my guitars are set with low string height, as low as possible. 

    .09 gauge for standard E

    .12 gauge Drop down tuning-strings for DropC

    .14 gauge for my B-tuned baritone babies. 

    However, I've been experimenting with thinner gauges on the high 3 and thick gauge on low 3/4 for my metal guitars. I like the way the thin strings bend to hell and how the thicker gauge overdrives when tightened hard.


    What about you guys? 

    • exhibit-sbt

      Elixer 10-52 D standard/Drop C.


      Best crunchy crunchy and longevity out of any of the strings I've tried. The 10's are great for leads, smooth bends and all while the thicker 52 allows insanely nice palm mutes.

    • metalhobo

      Elixir Elixir Elixir. All other strings last for shit.


      10-46 in E on 25.5" and 25" scale

      11-49 in Eb on 25.5"

      13-56 in B on 25.5"


      action: haven't really adjusted the action on my guitars in years. I just don't really care about it anymore. I kind of like a medium action. Don't like the strings too low because when I do a big bend on one string I like the tips of my fingers to slide *slightly* under the other strings instead of push right up against them.

    • guitargirlemg81

      52 for the bee sting

    • jt76

      daddario xl nickel 10-42 on most of my guitars,  recently I have been liking heavier strings so I am thinking of moving to a 10.5 to 48 set as my standard. 

      I play in standard tune, and set my necks almost flat and set my action as low as possible.    

      I really like the way daddario's feel, they clean easy and last a long time for uncoated strings, and my local shop sells them as single strings 

      which is great if you break a lot of strings.  

      however they sound a little progressive and overly clear to me and sometimes, occasionally i will go with some ghs or some 

      DRs to change it up.   

    • Skoggy

      I vary between Dunlop and Ernie Ball.

      10-52 on my Lester and Root-tele. The Lester is drop D.

      10-46 on all my other axes, all E standard.


      My action is fairly high, I feel like I'm loosing alot of tone when action is low, and don't like it at all. 

    • ChainOfThought

      On my six strings I've used DR (the regular ones...whatever the name of them is) 11's in D standard with fairly low action.  On my 7 I've gone back & forth between DR & Ernie Ball & D'Addario mostly just trying different guages and whatnot.  And on my 8 I'm still using the stock strings which are surprisingly very nice.

      I recently put a set of the DR Black Beauties .09guage on my 7 and they're pretty interesting.  Definitely a different feelt and definitely sound a bit lifeless for cleans but otherwise they do pretty good.  Probably won't buy them again.  I wanted to try them because I use the same type on my bass and absolutely fucking love them there.


      If I can't get DR's or I'm just feeling like something different I usually go back to D'Addario and occasionaly put on a set of Ernie Balls.

    • Velt017

      Dunlops all the way.  10-46 for E, 11-50 heavy core for C

    • 43

      GHS Boomer 10's

      Sometimes I get 11's though

      drop D or standard

    • Kride

      Been through few brands but Elixir are definitely the best for me. Long lasting tone and playability. I used to wander off of these from time to time to other brands but the minute I bought a set of Elixirs again I was sold again. Seriously worth every penny IMO.

      Too bad the sets they sell aren't 100% to my liking so I picked up a custom gauge set so it's 11-14-18-36-46-56 in C standard and Db standard.




    • ESPKH4

      E .9-42 Ernie Ball Slinky

      Eb .10-46 Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinkys

      Eb .10-52 Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinkys on my viper.

    • Dave R.

      DR Coated Silver Stars 10-46, Standard Tuning (unless my son gets a hold and tunes it to C)

    • Dave Disbelief

      I use two different brands for two different tunings.

      Drop C: RotoSound Darkzones DZ10 (10-60) -> .010, .013, .018, .036w, .052w, .060w

      Drop A#: D'Addario EXL 120-8 (without .009 and .032w) ->  .011, .016, .024w, .042w, .054w, .065w


      That's what works and sounds best for me

    • Blue260

      Elixir - Slinky Cobalt - 10-46 all electrics  

      Acoustics - Elixir Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb - 10-47

    • Jason Constantine

      its changed a few times and it may change agian now that I am playing EC's ....

      When i was playing Les Pauls it was - Ernie Ball 10 - 52 (Hybrid Set) Half Step down and 9 - 46 (Hybrid set) Standard Tuning
      Now that I am playing the EC's the 10-52 set seems a bit heavy for these guitars, and the 9-46 too loose, I am looking into the DR Dimebag signature set 9 - 50 seems like a good balance between the 2. Just ordered them yesterday so we will see how I like them when they get here.

    • Zachary W.

      Ernie Ball Cobalt Power Slinkies 11 gauge on my F model. I keep it in either standard or drop D. 

      I put 10 guage Ernie Ball Cobalt Regular Slinkies on my Strat and Tele. Both are kept in standard tuning.

      And Ernie Ball Everlast 80/20 Bronze Medium's (13 guage) on a generic brand acoustic. Also, tuned to standard.