Do you reckon Line6 will do a Pod X3 Pro?

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For my rig plan, the XT-Pro fits so much more neatly than a Live version would, but before I shell on the XT Pro I'd be gutted if I went an bought one and then the X3 Pro came out. Anyone know if there are plans for an X3 Pro?
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Well...I went to my local today and was informed by the manager that Line 6 will not be bringing out a rackmount X3...apparently they're focusing on the "Live" format more.

I don't know who is right...any sources on that, Mike?

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Damnit, now I have a dillemma on my hands!

There is a cheap XT Pro going at the shop for £200, which I can literally go and get tomorrow. And my rig needs completing ASAP, I don't like waiting.

I hate when this happens.

Since you're a Line6 guru, give us a hint on this. I'm intending on using the XT Pro (or rather, *was* until this new development) for my clean effected sounds: My completed rig will be a Laney Lionheart for dry cleans and Distortion, the Line6 rackmount for effected cleans running into the poweramp of another Laney head. On top of that it'd be a nice unit for direct recording when I can't be bothered to mic up.

Considering my somewhat limited use of its features, would I be happy with the XT? I'm aware of the dual sound thing in the X3, but as I'm running it clean and mono I can't see that I'd lose too much. Obviously I'd get straight onto the FX Junkie model pack too. Anything else that would really make me regret the XT?

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