Strap Lock Screw Problem

So I was playing a show the other night, and the crowd got rowdy... Ended up knocking my Horizon NT-II over, and somehow, by the grace of fucking god....something caught the strap lock on the ass-end and stripped out the hole. And so now, the button/lock will not stay tight. Any suggestions to what I should do? ps. The douche that knocked it over lost a tooth and some blood. And my knuckle is just a tad sore.

Well, what kind of Strap Loks are they? The best advice I can give you right now is get some new ones.


Don't know if this will work or not, but I'm pretty sure you can use some toothpicks and super glue to fill it in. That should work pretty well.. after it dries just redrill the hole and you should be good to go. :)

Dark Alone

+1 to the toothpick trick. Works perfectly. Get some wood glue, pour it down the hole, stuff in your toothpicks (snap them in half to avoid them sticking out too much if you have to). Just pack it really tight, wipe away the excess glue, and then top it off with a dab of the glue. Make sure the guitar is left standing in such a way that the glue will settle in, so stand the guitar up.

Let it dry overnight, then screw in your strap screw. Rock solid.


yea tooth pick trick works.....and dude that SUCKS that some ass hat knocked ur guitar over...some ass at some airline put the neck through the case and snapped the headstock buddy got to the airport with the guitar in 2 pieces....thank god for insurence...but it took 6 months for esp to build him a new one

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