• Robotsatemygrandma

    Tube Update

    Started a thread about the Tung Sol's I installed in my Thunder last month... thought I'd post an update after a serious jam session.

    I went and jammed with my old drummer tonight. I always had a problem cutting through the mix with his playing... as it seemed my frequencies were the same as his cymbals.

    Well these power tubes were FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! Not only did I cut through the mix with flying colours, but my volume was ONLY on FOUR! I used to have it at 6 or 7.

    The overall tone of these tubes were brilliant. These tubes certainly thickened my tone more then an EQ pedal could. The bass was thick and tight, the mids and highs were very pronounced with an OMPH, and it had amazing articulation and clarity. Tons of headroom and LESS feedback!

    My clean tone was surprisingly warm and lacked the bright obnoxious "bite" the Sovteks gave me. It gave me a very nice bright jazz tone that was very dependent on my string attack.

    Next on the list... get rid of the Aurel Exciter and EQ pedal and try an 81 in the MH300!

    I highly recommend these tubes if you play Metal. Your tone will seriously beef up!

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