• mrclean77

    New Headphonez!!! (link)

    Apologies to the mod in advance, posted in the misc section, but with the Boogie Brown dramafest, it'll be on page 30 in 15min:x:lol


    Just received my Audio-Technica ATH-500 headphones. Reason for wanting new headphones:
    -new baby, confined to playing thru cans
    -old $20 pair are shit
    -don't have proper monitors on the pc, just a decent set of Dell speakers

    Regular $150 @ MF, saw them at $110, got funds straight, they were already $120, oh well

    Audio Technica ATH-A500 $120 @ MF

    So...these arrived today. Spent about 20min 'A-B'ing them with my old pair. Old pair was some $20 Sonys from Wal-Mart, not sure what I was thinking wasting 20 bucks on those & waiting so long to upgrade.

    So far have only listened to old recordings, presets on GearBox (TonePort), and listened to a couple of songs on a CD. Have yet to use them with the Spider II.

    Pros - VERY BIG UPGRADE - can hear many more layers to the sound/music, a ery much more defined sound across frequencies (as you would expect frm the price difference)

    Cons - I will most likely have to go back and change EVERY preset and re-record most tunes - getting new pc for C-mas, hopefully will get some new software as well, so that's fine

    • MV-CTM

      I had those back in 03, pretty fucking awesome for the price but your ears get kinda hot after a while. Have lots of bass too, they sound better after breakin.

    • mrclean77

      ^Yeah...I went back & saw your cans you posted in the other thread, nice, but yeah...$$$

      I think getting these are gonna make me want to get some proper monitors as well b/c using the pc monitors has been making me think the headphones were OK - the pc speakers are good for pc speakers, but not reasonable for mixing/etc

      Anybody used the M-Audio ones? they seem to be reasonably decent and about the cheapest ones @ MF, but not sure if they are worth it or if I need to get soemthing a little better

    • mrclean77

      I kinda figured the cheaper M-Audio ones would fall under that 'get whatcha pay for' category - lol, yer right, I'm not doing anything super-serious, just wondering if anybody had exp. before I put 150 down the tubes when I coulda saved and got something diff

      I lke what you said about the hoem studio stuff, tho - I remember reading an interview w/311 one time where they talked about the 'car test' when doing an album - I'm sure every artist has talked about it, it's one thing to hear it thru flat monitors or super-duper-studio whatevers, but at the end of the day, everybody else is gonna be listening to it in their car, so...

      Thanks again, Mike!

    • mrclean77

      ^the cans? if so, thanks - I wouldn't have even looked at Audio-Technica if it weren't for your's and someone else's comments a while back - started looking and liked 'em - they are great

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