• Stokesy

    Locking Tuners

    I want to add some locking tuners to my Gibson SG and I'm wondering which ones people recommend? I've never had any problems with the Sperzals that are on one of my other guitars but I don't want to do any drilling if I can avoid it.

    I think I remember someone saying that Planet Waves tuners can be installed without drilling. Is this correct?


    • Gfunk

      Not necessarily, you need to check to make sure the 3x3 Planet Wave tuners match up to the tuners on the SG. I wanted to replace a set of 3x3 Grovers with Planet Waves' and they did not match up.

    • esp_gaijin

      i overstated the 90% but you guys know what i mean :)
      and yes a lot of 3x3 headstocks use that same tuner.

      i need to re-do or do more pics of such, i just don't spend any time modding anymore, it soaked too much of my time in the past.

    • ESPKH4

      my original tuners on my LTD viper-100 had diffrent locations, so i had them drilled out and i put planet waves tuners in...i have a guitar with sprezel's in them they tune just the same as my planet waves but i like the planet waves cuz of the auto cut feature

      • Nagash

        I'm new on this forum but I'll just jump in with the serious stuff...

        I have owned a bad bass for something like one year and now I'm trying to get rid of it. And as new bass I thought of the F 105 or the F 155DX (in fact a F 205 would have been nice too but in France they seem not to be available). So I just wanted to see if there is someone around here who has one of these basses or had one in the past, and who could answer me a few questions :

        1) Is it a good bass for metal (like Children Of Bodom, Dimmu Borgir, Metallica style) ?

        2) Is the balance all right ? I mean : when you don't hold it, does it make a correct angle, is it horizontal or does it fall because the neck is too heavy ?