• Josh J.

    Is this a legitimate Ltd because I can't find it anywhere but this one site?

    It is a Ltd ec-1000 with flood rose. Is Vintage black with gold hardware. I can only find it one site call gearorphange. Is it real? Or is it a old model?

    • Gisornator

      That's odd. I've never seen a EC 1000 in vintage black with a Floyd Rose bridge. Which doesn't mean that it never exsisted. I would contact that shop and ask from which year that modell is supposed to be and/or where this was manufactured. In parallel, contact ESP and ask them whether they had this modell and where is was usually produced (I would assume in Indonesia but not sure, though).

    •  Gear Orphanage

      Hi Josh.   It is a Gear Orphanage Exclusive..  You can only get this model at Gear Orphanage.   ESP Full Warranty!  Brand New!  Made in Korea!  Let me know if you have any more questions.   Thanks,   Jason

    • The G.

      Nice to see that you took my advice and came herewhich panned out. Your getting a "like," mister!

    •  Gear Orphanage


          •    Set-Neck Construction
          •    24.75” Scale
          •    Mahogany Body
          •    Mahogany Neck
          •    Ebony Fingerboard
          •    42mm Locking Nut
          •    Thin U Neck Contour
          •    24 XJ Frets
          •    Gold Hardware
          •    LTD Tuners
          •    Floyd Rose Bridge
          •    EMG 81 (B) / 60 (N) Active p.u.
          •    Finish: VB (Vintage Black)


          •    3-Way Toggle
          •    Bridge Volume
          •    Neck Volume
          •    Master Tone