• Caleb R.

    Fretboard doesnt sit level

    My guitar is a ltd xdc5e but where the neck joins the body the fretboard sits higher then the nech where it doesnt connect the only way i can play with out it buzzing on the 13th-16th frets is if i have it with a very high action which means its very hard to play how can i make the fretboard level all the way? ive tried ajusting the truss rod but it just wont work

    • Pushead

      Take the guitar to a shop or a luthier and have a proper setup done.

      While the guitar is being serviced, go to an English tutor and work on writing proper sentences.

    • Gisornator

      "My guitar is a ltd xdc5e but where the neck joins the body the fretboard sits higher [...]"

      This quote is hard to understand. Do you mean it is like this:

      If yes, this seems to be normal. You might have to adjust your Bridge. Did it happen after you changed the gauge of your Strings or after changing the tuning?

      • Caleb R.

        I did but they told me they couldnt really do anything the tech was out till a few days later i live in maine and the closest tech is an hour and a half away i cant exactly go to him any time i want and yes I can speak in complete sentances that is why i got accepted to college for my eassay but this is the internet i dont have to use proper sentances 

        and yes i did change the string gauge but i cant find the factory string gage and a truss rod adjustment didnt do anything to it and how would i adjust the bridge? its not an adjustable one


    • 6-String

      Its an acoustic with a rosewood bridge.

      • Gisornator

        Ah, yeah. I could have googled the model myself >.<

        But actually I'm out here. I'm not very into acoustic and there are some rosewood brdiges, where you have two screws where you can adjust the level of the strings (pretty much similar to the Gotoh-like bridges) but it seems this model doesn't have that.