• astro2069

    Floyd Rose 1000 shim

    Has anyone shimmed an ltd KH guitar for better action? There's just something about the action that I can't quite tweak to my liking, no matter how I adjust the truss rod. After a little research, it seems as though I need to shim either the nut or the saddles. Any suggestions?

    • ozzuk1

      You could even ned to grind the nut down to get it lower...

      What are you wanting lower action, the bridge may not be completely spot on with the bridge radius...

      Check out Ibanez rules tech tutorials as they have great info on adjusting locking bridges...

    • astro2069

      I'm looking to lower the action at thhe higher frets. It seems to me that I may need to shim the nut a mil or two up so that I can lower the action further down the neck and have a nice even action ... not sure if my logic is correct.

    • jet66

      That sounds reasonable to me. (Shimming the nut.) Shimming the saddles will only/mainly come in to play if the action on particular strings is the issue. That would make the case for adjusting the string radius to better match the fretboard radius.