• MrScary

    Any idea what this is?

    Brand new here, just picked up this killer ESP "custom" superstrat. Trying to figure out what it is, maybe you guys can help me.

    serial number is 02062, neckplate seems either chrome or faded gold with just the serial number and 'esp' written on it in tiny capital letters.

    headstock is their "strat" type. it says "ESP Custom" in black.

    back of the neck is lacquered, as is the front of the headstock, but the back of the headstock and top of the headstock seem to not be lacquered.

    Bridge is a kahler 2520, tuners are gold vintage style, very faded at this point, kahler locknut before the actual nut.

    Any other info I can provide? I'm gonna take more pictures with my camera and post em as well.

    Again, regardless of what this thing is, it sounds and plays awesome....but it would be nice to get more info. I wrote to the Esp support email but haven't heard back for two weeks now :lol

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