• Pat M.

    Volume question

    I traded an eclipse2 for a 2008 black kh2. It has two emg 81 pickups. The bridge pickup is controlled by the 2nd volume and the neck is controlled by the first volume. This seems backwards from what I'm used to so I was wondering if it is correct? Also when the 3way selector is in the middle position both volumes can shut the sound off (either one will shut the sound off). Thanks in advance for any answer, Pat. . 

    • Pushead

      That is correct.  The 3 knob Eclipses are wired the opposite way where the furthest forward knob controls the bridge and the middle controls the neck.

    • jt76

      I agree also - it is supposed to be reverse to the eclipse.

      by the way If there is enough wire available you can just unscrew the volume knobs and reverse their locations so that it will be like the eclipse was.    no soldering required.   unless the wires are to short than it is a more involved project.

      • Pat M.

        Yeah it's cool. I may reverse them as I'm use to that. The thing I don't understand iswhen the 3 wayswitch is in the middle position, why do either volumes shut the sound off? What exactly is the purpose of this position? If it was a tap of each pickup then each volume shouldturn down its respective pickup and not both coil splits together. 

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