• JamminJay

    ESP LTD Metallica Kill'em All Guitar Mystery!

    I just recently order the LTD Kill'Em All Guitar because it looks so sweet!!!!

    Brings me back to my teen years when the album was unleashed to the public. 

    I haven't recieved it from FedEX yet and my question is.....

    Does anyone happen to know why out of only 300 ESP LTD Metallica Kill'Em All guitars made worldwide some of them have a Silver Metallica Inlay in the fret board and some are in Red?

    What's the reason for the color change?


    • ProfessorExp

      I think when it was announced it was supposed to have the red inlay, but I havent seen any pics of an actual production guitar with it. All the ones on ebay have the silver inlay. Maybe a last minute change? 

      • JamminJay

        Thank you for the info.

        That's very interesting.

        I ordered mine from American Musical Supply and in the discription on their website it say's red inlay but their picture shows silver inlay.

        If you go to gearhounds . com you will see they have it with the red inlay.

        I wonder at what point did they make the change?

        Like at what #number did they make the color change?

        The mystery deepens.

        Rock On Metal Fans!!!!

    • RZK

      Your LTD is NOT an ESP Standard. Please post your threads about LTDs in the LTD subforum.

      • JamminJay

        Oopps! Sorry about that.

        A similar incident happen to me the other day at WalMart when I had about 25 items and I was in the 10 items or less line.

        The look on the peoples faces behind me waiting in line. priceless.

        Rock On!