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  • JamminJay

    Hello everyone.

    Jammin Jay here.

    I'm a nebi to this site, but not to jamin the guitar.

    My son has a LTD M100FM/ See thru Black and it's a cool.

    So I just recently order the LTD Kill'Em All Guitar from American Musical Supply.

    In fact I haven't recieved it from FedEX yet and I have a BIG mystery on my hands.

    Does anyone happen to know why of the only 300 made Kill'Em All guitars some of them have a Silver Metallica Inlay and some are Red?



    • Mitch L

      Don't ever buy from american musical. They always sell me crap products. Ordered an amp from their that always came with a busted tube, or blown spearker. I dont know what it is, but i get mine from sweetwater or zzounds, plus zzounds offers payment plans on a lot of sweet stuff.

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Do you mind if I ask you where you bought yours?......MORE »