ESP Standard pots and knobs??

    Here's a question, as a owner of an ESP Standard series guitar, I am impressed with the quality of the guitars, but feel the pots and knobs are just slapped on there, anyone else feel this way? I know this is being picky, but for such nice guitars it seems the knobs spin way to "freely" and they are mounted awfully crooked. I was at my dealer the other day and played a beautiful ESP Standard Horizon NT II and was like WTF? Another one, what do ya think?

    • Gfunk

      I think I have owned every standard series model ESP offers, and I have never had an issue with a pot, scratchy or otherwise. I can only assume that the solution of adjusting a dome knob by loosening the set screw, straightening the knob, and tightening the set screw, has been addressed. I don't think I have the plums to complain about the actual quality of a knob. Knob bobbing. The bobber of knobs. Bob knobbing.