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To hear salacious is to listen.
To see salacious is to feel.
In a musical world where every band and every musician is given a label it is rare and refreshing to come across a band that transcends these barriers and survives; not just to conform, but to divide and conquer and succeed on their own merits.
Salacious are not just another band to embark on the metal path to salvation, they are the band to re - categorize the whole metal scene.
Yes, their inspirations are many and varied, but what sets them apart is their determination to forge their path and, more importantly, their music, in their own style.
To listen to their recordings, (thus far comprised of a self financed five track E.P) is to get a taste of the world Salacious has created, but to see the six piece perform live is to feel a part of where they are going.
Whereas most bands hinge their success on the selective sum of their parts, Salacious rely on the complete package, with the twin assault on guitars of Daniel McMahon and Brett Howison laying the platform for the confronting bass of Phillip Capewell.
Darren Janz keeps momentum flowing on the drums while vocalist Euan Williams switches from delicate vocals to searing harmonies to full frontal assault with wreckless abandon.
While most bands would be happy with such a tight rhythm and vocal section, Salacious add another dimension in the form of Peter Bullis, not only an accomplished keyboard player, but also a more than handy third guitarist and extra vocalist.
Salacious aren't just here to play music, they are also here to entertain, and to see them play live is to be welcomed into their inner sanctum.
Yes, they are happy to have you play for them, but they are not happy unless you want them back again.
See for yourself, check the boys out at band, or book them in for a gig and see first hand.
Be part of Salacious, and let us be part of you.
For more information and bookings contact Kris Peters on 0401587516, or via e-mail

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