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CountGore liked the comment on E-II HORIZON FR-7

Hi CountGore, Yes that is natural wood grain. It is normal to have grain such as this show up when there is no color over the wood.......MORE »

CountGore replied to the forum post Horizon FR-7 Binding discolor

Yeah well sad. The guitar is perfect in every way, except the wood blemish. But it seems that the blemish is an small knot in the wood. So it isn't really a blemish If I think about it. I overeacted a bit, the guitar looks......MORE »

CountGore replied to the forum post Horizon FR-7 Binding discolor

Thanks for the reply. No It's not the plastic binding, the picture is not so good. But it seems that they just used the guitar body's top wood as binding (maple), I can see the quilted patterns in it. It's just clear......MORE »

CountGore replied to the forum post First E-II, dissapointed

I bought the black 6 string E-II Arrow 2 years ago. Visually it was perfect, but playability was bad. String height was way high from factory and when I lowered the action just a bit, i got fret buzz. It was set up really bad......MORE »

CountGore posted the forum post Horizon FR-7 Binding discolor

I just received my brand new E-II Horizon FR-7 Black Torquoise burst. The guitar was flawless except for an brown spot in the binding on the right horn on the body. It's very easy too see, so its bothering me a bit. It's an......MORE »

CountGore posted a comment on the product E-II HORIZON FR-7

Just got mine today. Really beautiful guitar. But on the right horn there is a discolor in the binding. It's seems like it's a dark brown  grain in the wood, but it's really noticable. Is that supposed  to be there? The......MORE »

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Marcos B.

Hey CountGore, what's up?

Sorry disturbing you, but can u send a like my ESP Custom Model, please?


If u have a custom model send me and I'll be happy in like them too.