RZK I Burnt, Viper CZ-EZ-II, RZK-600, and SC608B
Music and Games
NDH, Industrial, and Metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Kemper, Line6, and Native Instruments
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Cole Rolland and Nita Strauss
About me:

Music is inspiration. Music is creativity. You ARE music.

High-quality cover-music videos and the live performance of those are my profession. My comfort zone is NDH, Metal and Industrial, however, I'm open-minded for new businesses!

You're looking for a special guest on stage or you're in desperate need for someone who plays the live guitars at your upcoming shows? I have several years of live experience - from small to medium-sized stages. From 50 to 5500 people audience size, as well as a large range of rehearsed songs. Also bookable as solo show.

Let's spread the Böse Fuchs Rock'n'Roll Style!

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