I've promised something big this time...so here it is, please enjoy my multi-cover of "Zeig Dich"! Before you ask - yes, I've played the guitars, bass, keys and drums here. The instruments I used can be found in video description as well as some more useful information you might be interested in! Also - huge thanks to my team: Simon Lobbygroen for light design, my lovely boyfriend for filming it (26 times by the way, not counting outtakes here :-D), to TSE for letting me record it there and last but not least: to you guys, thanks for your massive support!! One last thing: this video is also a kind of a "try" if my plan regarding my own original music will work out...it's not perfect, I know that but we did something like this for the first time and I'm quite happy though :-D this is only the beginning....to be continued. If you want to support my work, feel free to buy some new merch, available here https://www.x-act-merchandising.de/shop/en/bands/boese-fuchs/ and here https://www.boesefuchs.shop/en/ or support me on Patreon and get some awesome rewards (https://www.patreon.com/VanValia_Boese_Fuchs )!! Stay tuned!! XOXO

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