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banda liked the article ESP All Access Exclusive: 2024 New Guitar & Bass Preview

For the first time since 2020, the year is kicking off with a NAMM Show making its return to its former January time frame, and ESP is able to launch 2024 with a killer batch of new guitars and basses. We hope you enjoy this......MORE »

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Don't forget Kvelertak! I see Maciek frequently rocking an LTD Eclipse in their videos and shows.......MORE »

banda replied to the forum post SOLVED: Too picky? Send it back? Repair it?

Figured out why they were so cattywampus -  I changed the strings this morning because the ones that came on the guitar were turning my fingers black. When I took the old strings off, I found the nuts holding the tuning......MORE »

banda posted the forum post SOLVED: Too picky? Send it back? Repair it?

  I just received my new EC-1000ET last night, bought from a large Internet retailer. It is beautiful. It plays wonderfully.   Also, one of the tuning machines is installed more crooked than I have ever seen on a guitar......MORE »

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