Yeah the wait is over!!!


The only one new left handed guitar is old Kh 202 .... ??@$%@%! !!   0_o 

Why this don't surprise me?!? >.<  WTF as usually we all get discriminated God damn it >.<

Kevin T.

The new models are great, but there is an essential request what is important for many guitarists: please... please make more 6 strings (and 7 strings) guitars with hardtail bridge. There are many guitarists who doesn't want floyd rose bridge, but doesn't really love TOM bridge. Many manufacturers recognised this already.

I hope you will produce much more guitars in the future with hardtail bridge in every range of prices.

Emrah Cakir

Here goes my 2 cents for the electric guitars;



I was glad to see that the Arrow made it to US. I look forward to checking out the E-II Arrow

40th year anniversary ESP Eclipse models look stunning. I wish LTD models had neck binding as well.

Gary Holt models looks awesome

LTD 1000s models are exciting. Especially the EC-1000ETFM.


I see too many 200 series LTDs and not nearly enough 600 or 1000 series LTDs which are great value for money

Most of the 1001 series LTDs are showing up with rosewood fingerboards instead of ebony.

No new models Viper, Phoenix,  EX, Xtone series LTDs. 

I would rather see more Hipshot style fixed bridges.

Rod Ruvalcaba

Gary Holt's ESP is a MUST-HAVE-NOW.