Coming Friday January 2: New Guitar/Bass Preview

Coming Friday January 2: New Guitar/Bass Preview

Some of us here at ESP actually remember what life was like before the Internet became a widespread thing. Back in those ancient times, here's how you found out about new guitar and bass gear: the instruments were announced at the NAMM Show in late January, and then the magazine writers would create articles about the new gear, which would then be delivered to you sometime in March, if you were lucky.

But these days, through the marvel of modern technology, you're going to find out about our new instruments way before even the NAMM Show visitors see them in person. On Friday January 2, we're going to post a special "New Product Preview" here at Here's what you might be seeing on Friday:

• Special limited-edition 40th anniversary guitars.
• Very exclusive “exhibition special” guitars built by hand in our Tokyo custom shop.
• A wide range of new 27” scale baritone guitars, as well as new 7-string and 8-string guitars.
• Brand new guitar shapes that have never before been available around the world.
• New Signature Series guitars and basses from artists such as Gary Holt (Exodus), Javier Reyes (Animals As Leaders), Bunny Brunel (jazz/fusion bass genius), and new/updated models from players like Will AdlerAndy JamesGus G.Frank BelloPancho TomaselliGabe Crisp, and more.
• Tombstone: a whole new division of ESP for our acoustic-electric guitars and basses.

All in all, we'll be showing you well over 100 guitars and basses that have never been available before. So, mark your calendars for Friday January 2 and visit that day. We're pretty sure you'll be blown away.

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When is the LTD TA-204 available?

Jakob M.



Always good to see new esp's quaility built axes

Benjamin Leveque

but they look fantastic as always


Benjamin Leveque

make a new EX model :(

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