Josh Middleton: "Poison For the Lost" (Sylosis) Playthrough

Here's ESP Signature artist Josh Middleton doing a playthrough of the Sylosis track "Poison For The Lost" from their upcoming album A Sign Of Things To Come, scheduled for release on September 8 via Nuclear Blast. Josh is playing an extreme-shaped guitar he ordered from the ESP Custom Shop. We can't tell you much about it other than what you can see for yourself: six strings, Floyd Rose Original, Fishman Fluence pickups, black hardware/finish, diamond-shaped inlays on an ebony fingerboard. Looks and sounds pretty sinister though! As usual, Josh's intensity and precise playing style is mind blowing regardless of which guitar he picks up, including his LTD Signature Series JM-II. Pre-order ASOTTC right now on the Official Sylosis site.

Adam Y.

Ironbird inspired!

Frederick B.

Josh never disappoints.  Always badass guitars, and a new badass track.  After listening to this track, I will have to get the new album.  But most of all, all of the hours and years of training that you have done does show through when you play.  The speed at which you play, my hand and forearm would've cramped up in the 1st min.  LOL!!!!  Well done Sir.