ESP School of Metal Guitar: How to Play like Slipknot

Brought to you by Metal Hammer Magazine, the ESP School of Metal Guitar has UK-based ESP artists Pat Heath and Jaime Hunt breaking down how to play in the style of some of metal’s biggest guitar heroes. Today's episode: playing like Slipknot! For all the detailed info and tab, visit the Guitar World site here.

In today's episode, Pat is playing an ESP E-II Eclipse Full Thickness in Black Natural Burst finish, while Jamie is using an LTD M-HT Black Metal. Stay tuned for more episodes of the ESP School of Metal Guitar coming soon!

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Rodrick V.

School of Metal Guitar offers a variety of courses and tutorials for metal guitar enthusiasts, including a course on how to play like Slipknot. The course covers everything from the basics of metal guitar playing to more advanced techniques specific to Slipknot's music, such as alternate picking, palm muting, and harmonic squeals. The course is designed to help guitarists of all skill levels improve their playing and sound more like their favorite metal bands.