18th May 2022 has had such pieces recorded Extreme guitar playing technique

Dear ESP fans


while I am as poor man thinking about getting me another ESP this time more a strat with Fluence Fishman I  managed to play such kind of  pieces yesterday afternoon. 

Again the whole recorded jam is about 40 min long as from 7 to 10 (if Doom then could be even only 5 in 40min. Well has been  for the 2nd  Gravitation album 7 songs) basic guitar lines shredded. Well has some more purer shred as not in  that chorus verse kind of composition. My composing style is  more of classical music since the past 2 or 3 years as a main theme and then some shred or other melody lines. 

Also inspired by Jeff Waters  his special  play of varying  stakkati in a row is then in that mind. 


Well I  have an Ibanez Jiva which  is simply also great and  I since a week or so have played not this ESP and so this one recording is more of another ESP point. 

Well I have various guitars with Fishman Fluence pick  ups in mind, and so  the ESP LTD ones could win due the Les Paul EC 1000.  

Gonna have a look. 


Hope You get inspired to get such play as this mine here than I do. 

I  have also to rehearse and exercises to do. 


I wish You all the best!