No War but battle of shred

Dear ESP colleagues


while our  earth is in turmoil and hard measures among NATO states as by international law so much now in  the drain has went already. I like to  emphasize as Rock Hard has now also published Ukrainian Russian cooperation as a Power Metal band with one song just before the  war broke out. Say they reviewed this one in tha  last issue  of Germanys  and Europes biggest metal mag. Well I don't know what Metal  Hammer has done, but Rock Hard has it. 


And in that sense I like to get this video here as in means of 4 Elements of Hip Hop to avoide violence but to express more by music and skills. 

As until now only one ESP in my collection, I was thinking of one  Fishman Fluence Pick up model, too, but hey, let's wait and see, this one here video shows it. 

The Ibanz Jiva is has the faster neck and my Solar 1,6 is the thicker sound delievering body, while same pick up or say at least Seymour Duncan.  

I have other  guitar models also in the  outlook but hey money lacking as so many now have. 

So for all  of us suffering and most the people in  war zones as Syria and  else where or gang violence and such here that all  for the better deal for us alll. 

I sound arrogant and erm doesn't it belong to us as marketing even to do so?

Well I know I have still to improve but like to get You at least interested in this shred attempt better working towards ultimate speeding fines evoking Shredding. 


Has from classical  music inspired scales and lines in it. 


Hope You  dig it and like to battle in shred. 


I wish You all best as health more as I get as poorer classed health by such videos as before playing. As You all  know from Your own play.