ESP shredding EC 1000 not at all it is only a full song

Dear ESP colleagues


Well I  have now here this one the past days played. I also play as some know Solar and then got mme a Nita Strauss  Sign JIVA. But here again  that one inspired by baroque renaissance composers as Luca Corelli and that one Boccerini I guess, others name for the other the past weeks over 40 min longs jam sessions in  such style in varying  tempi  chopin and brahms as inspiration. 


Well be it as it is. This one here has only on Steinberg Cubase 11 Overloud plug ins as enhancements and mix. 

The mix here has a  too  much reverb or echo effect   output but the final mix won't have. 

Still  the tempi and play are important. It is as for the final song the mix always a bit lousier also known. 



I wish You  a good time listening to it and getting inspired to get such all for Your thrash  metal. 

Just imagine the deeper sounding Solar having such   brooom broom as I from Goijra I taken that trick.